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New: Low Arch Cork Insoles at a Delightfully Low Price

The Traverse is our brand-spanking-new low arch cork insole, designed to keep your arch elevated and help reduce foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other foot maladies. If you need a high arch insole, we recommend our new Range high arch insoles. 

The fit profile is similar to our Suntoucher model but at an eye-catching low price. A few notes: The fit is exquisite, especially in high volume footwear like hiking boots, work boots, and most running shoes. Our insoles come in full sizes for women and men. And feel free to do some micro-trimming around the toe area as needed so your new insoles fit in your favorite pair of shoes or boots. And this is important: your feet are dynamic, they move and flex. That's a good thing. Our insoles are designed to provide support under normal load but are oh-so-forgiving when your feet need a nice, soft landing. It's the ideal balance of ergonomic support and plush comfort.

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  • Designed in Bend, Oregon
  • Handcrafted in Portugal
  • Low Arch Profile
  • Best Fit in High Volume Footwear
  • Made for Running, Hiking, Working, and Standing
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The Finer Details


    The Traverse is our low arch cork insole, made to keep your arch elevated and help mitigate foot pain caused by maladies like plantar fasciitis. You can expect the Range to fit best in high volume footwear. Our insoles come in full sizes so we generally recommend that you round up to the nearest size and you can micro-trim the toe area with a sharp pair of scissors for the most precise fit in your favorite boots or shoes. 


    It's a Material World: We spend a lot more on materials than our competitors. Why? Because the best materials deliver the highest performance and long-lasting durability. It's a no-brainer for us. 

    Sustainable Natural Cork: We source our cork from the fabled cork forests in Portugal. It's supple, light, and most importantly, it feels great under your foot. Say goodbye to bad plastic insoles.

    Funk-Busting HeiQ: Good hygiene is paramount at Tread & Butter. That's why we use HeiQ, a very cool Swiss silver technology that improves comfort, freshness, and helps reduce odor caused by bacteria. HeiQ is bluesign® approved. If your feet stink, it won't be our fault.

    Deluxe Poron Performance® Cushioning: This is the finest, most shock-absorbing cushioning on the market. And importantly, it's remarkably resilient. Meaning, it doesn't pack out like other generic foams. It's simply more durable and will last longer. You will love it. 


    Tread & Butter is Climate Neutral Certified. Which means our entire operation is off-set with carbon credits. We also use natural cork in our insoles in place of petroleum-based plastic (or EVA) that is commonly used by other brands. Our factory in Portugal is powered in part by bio-mass (cork dust). That's as clean as it gets. Beyond that, our packaging is minimalist, we specifically off-set our outbound shipping, and we make every effort across all aspects of our business to reduce our carbon footprint. It's fully baked into our DNA. We're all-in on sustainability.

    US Women's US Men's EU Mondo Japan (cm) Mexico (cm) China (mm)
    5 - 36 21 21 21 210
    6 - 37 22 22 22 220
    7 - 38 23 23 23 230
    8 - 39 24 24 24 240
    9 - 40 25 25 25 250
    10 8 41 26 26 26 260
    11 9 42 27 27 27 270
    - 10 43 28 28 28 280
    - 11 44 29 29 29 290
    - 12 45 30 30 30 300
    - 13 46 31 31 31 310
    - 14 47 32 32 32 320

    * Size notes: Our insoles run 'true to size' for performance footwear (e.g., running shoes, hiking boots, etc). We offer a complete size run for women & men. If you typically wear a half-size shoe, we recommend that you round up to the next size; e.g., 7.5 rounds up to 8, etc. You can trim Tread & Butter insoles. Generally, it won't be necessary in high volume footwear like running shoes and hiking boots but it might make sense in lower volume footwear like cycling shoes and some ski boots. Questions: